Training to boost talent.

The training offered by Arthada is aimed at empowering and enhancing talent.

The different training courses aim to multiply people's natural talents, and to discover their hidden talents. As a result, they become more balanced people and, consequently, more productive workers.

Very often, companies refer to their employees as their most important asset. But in their day-to-day work, they tend to invest only in technical or practical, knowledge-oriented training. Arthada wants to complement this bias with training oriented towards personal skills, to make the person better.

We take a transversal journey through the emotional and psychological spheres of the human being, combining Eastern and Western wisdom. Behind every professional there is a person. If we manage to make the person grow and evolve, the improvement of the professional practice will be a logical consequence of this growth.

Each person is a unique human being and the way we relate to each of them has to be adapted to each case. It provides basic tools for successfully dealing with interpersonal relationships, thus enabling anyone to relate to others successfully even if they do not have a natural gift for doing so.

No one admits to having difficulties in teamwork, but it is a skill that can always be improved. We will review the theoretical bases of teamwork. We will see how a SWOT analysis can enable us to overcome the obstacles we face. We will also carry out exercises to improve our performance in this area.

Asking and listening are two key concepts, and we will go deeper into the techniques involved and their strategy of use. The right combination of asking and listening techniques allows us to discover and agree on the needs of our interlocutor, an essential first step in finding a joint solution.

How many projects have not been shipwrecked because we did not find an adequate solution to the problems that appeared along the way. We will see how creative thinking improves our ability to find solutions. Once the solution has been found, success depends on the proper management of the objections that may be raised.