Temporary staffing needs.

To meet the needs of companies short and mid term, when increasing the workforce is not an option.

When we do not have the resources to expand our company's workforce or the type of tasks to be carried out does not justify it, we provide companies with a complete Freelancer Network (ArthaNet). This solution offers maximum profitability, flexibility and efficiency when it comes to meeting your business objectives with solvency.

Clinical Affairs
  • Clinical Development Plan
  • Development and implementation of clinical protocols.
  • Data management.
  • Blostatics.
  • Ethical codes.
  • Risk Management Plan.
  • Liaison with the USD of Farmaindustry.
  • Liaison with regulatory authorities.
Medical Affairs
  • Marketing support.
  • Liaison with KOL's.
  • Meetings, Congresses and Advisory Broads.
  • Medical wirting.
Staffing $ Sourcing
  • Headhunting.
  • Insourcing.
  • Outsourcing.
  • Interim management.
  • Drug safety of products in clinical development.
  • Pharmacovigilance of marketed products.
  • Development of DSURs and PSURs.
Quality Assurance
  • Development and maintenance of the Quality Management System.
  • Development of SOPs related to clinical research and pharmacovigilance.
  • Audits.
Regulatory Affairs
  • Regulatory strategy in the EU and the US for chemical, biologic and advanced therapies.
  • Life cycle management.
  • Scientific/Technical training to clinical research teams and sales force teams.
  • Training on crisis management.

For those needs related to management. Interim Management has operational and economic advantages compared to external consultants. The Interim Manager is directly involved in the management of the company's operations, is responsible for achieving the agreed objectives and does not increase the company's staff.

For needs related to specialised tasks. Through the outsourcing service we carry out and manage activities or processes that may form part of most departments or functional areas of companies. Outsourcing is carried out with maximum legal security and provides a competitive advantage to our business partners.